Jury Summons

I come home from a long day of work and school and open the mailbox. The usual; bills, a couple spam messages (credit card offers), and adverts. At the very bottom of this pile to my surprise was a jury summons.

You know, at first, I was excited. I thought: I get to be part of the process. How exciting. More than just voting! Trial by peers. How amazing.

And then I realized that instead of making my usual salary for the days I would be asked to serve this duty I would be getting $10… my heart sank. Its like getting the ‘Go to Jail’ card in Monopoly.

Wah, wah, wah, wahuwahuhwahuhwaaaah.

Now I am angry. What is $10 nowadays? The state should pony up and pay me what I would be losing. No wonder our system is dyeing. Instead of wasting precious resources on trying and imprisoning petty drug users they should focus on crimes that matter and compensate us with something worthwhile.

Now I am not asking for a vacation. Heck, I am not even asking for an entertaining trial. $10? How am I going to pay my mortgage and car payments? This is completely unreasonable. My heart goes out to those who have befallen to this terrible fate. Is there a way to talk myself out of this seemingly random punishment?

And so, yes, I now too am one of those that dread the jury summons.

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