Getting Close

Things at work are culminating with the release of a lot of my work next week. There have been some set backs when having to rely on others to get a job done. I pray that I get to keep my job after this but like Tim said, being a contractor isn’t always the worst. The uncertainty is what I fear most.

I am steadily getting more excited about this weekend. I am a little sick of chicken and beef ribs are likely expensive so I plan on making some good burgers. Under the Interests section of my site is a new Toolbox. There is a bit of sample code and other things that are useful in a web development environment. It will definitely grow as I learn more and my desire is not to keep it for web stuff.

I have cleaned up 80% of the web site’s code to pass validation for XHTML Transitional. That was a bit of a challenge with some of the garbage code Macromedi’a Dreamweaver code spits out. Yes, I admit, at one time I used that tool. It’s ok as an advanced tool but it’s a terrible crutch for beginning developers. I can’t even call it training wheels. Besides, I think its over rated. It has some cool features and that’s it. I think I may have mentioned before that my favorite tool is Notepad++ for its awesome syntax high lighting.

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