Fall 2006

The new quarter starts on the 18th and I am nervous. I am taking Calculus (Math 125), English (101) and Computer Programming (Java 145). My books were ass expensive. $200.00. At least I didn’t have to buy the Calculus book. I suppose the most nerve racking aspect is my schedule. When I worked in Poulsbo, school was a mere 30 minutes away and that included parking and walking to the class. With me working in Bellevue I have an hour and a half to get there and back each way. Riding the ferry will definitely ease all this. That will give me almost an hour each way to do homework instead of driving. I need to go in and see an advisor and hopefully they can pear into their crystal ball and tell me if my required classes for my degree will be available anytime in the future at reasonable times. I know schools offer classes whenever it fits best but colleges should be accommodating especially towards working adults. This Physics at 1 in the afternoon isn’t going to cut it.

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