Divorce Rate

I was in English class today and somewhere the national divorce rate was mentioned. You have probably read or heard that it is about 50%. Our professor then corrected the statistic citing a few sources. Average divorce rate for first time married couples is about 4% or as she put it, 1 in every 29 marriages end in divorce. Then there was the statistic of divorce rates in third marriages which was around 87%. Apparently, what they had done was combine the two percentages from somewhere in the recent annual percentages. Who are they and why would they be sharing such terribly dissapointing success rates for marriages? Dr. Phil and others are heard using these statistics; “Half of all marriages fail.” Why would they want to discourage marriage? We aren’t cats and dogs. I feel humans instinctually seek monogamy much like penguins do and that’s if I have to compare humans to some other animal which shouldn’t be necessary since we are capable of self control and rational thought.

With the odds looking so much brighter for folks like my wife and I, its a shame so many others are choosing not to get married to keep their options open. It’s even more of a shame to see ‘them’ trying to discourage marriage. I wish to find the reasoning behind this. There is always an agenda. Is it to destroy the institution of marriage so then it becomes null in the same sex marriage arguments? Is it to further the agnostic/atheist agenda?

It is definately curious.

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