Deployment Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be deploying the revamped ladder for the Guild Wars web site. It’s a big day for me. There will be a news post about it on the main page and I will but the link here tomorrow. I built it so that it uses that zany web technology called AJAX so when you click on a sort method it simply refreshes the ladder itself rather than the entire page. Also, if you are using a browser set to German, French, Italien, Spanish, Korean, Japanese or Chinese all the text will appear in your language. I didn’t do the translating but I did have to build the XML system to handle that! Some new features over the old ladder (apart from what I have already mentioned) will be statistical information about various guilds on the ladder. I admit I am very nervous. It should go without a hitch I think but I should not sigh relief just yet.

I continue to be very tired. I simply can’t seem to fall asleep before midnight. I am not sure I can handle eight more weeks of tiredness. I received a B+ on my first paper for the class. I was dissapointed a little . She felt my diatribe was a little opinionated. HA! Of course its opinionated! Just about everything we’ve read in English class has had one opinion or another coursing through it I figured mine should as well. I will have to try harder. I remember jumping off to a rough start my first paper (an A-) for my Running Start English class 10 years ago. Josh is going to a concert featuring Rachjaminoff’s 3rd Concerto. I am quite jealous. I would like to get out more and do stuff. It will happen soon.

I am not a fan of fashion shows and stuff like that but its been good to read that ultra thin models are being banned from various shows. I was always disturbed by the anorexic looking sticks modeling clothes. I am not sure how that ever came to signify beauty, perfection or a desirable backdrop to modeling clothes.

My job situation still seems precarious at best. I was told that I will be working here until at least November 15th at which time I will either be out of a job or hired on. My guess is that I will be out of a job so I have begun to look. I have updated my resume. Being a contractor may have its merits but right now I am worried. Its hard to have such a volatile income.

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