The Usual

It seems like I don’t have much to say lately. The stuff going on in the Middle East is too heavy to go on about. I have been trying to find my copies of Battlefield 2 and Dungeon Siege 2. Both games have their “play” discs missing. Its kind of aggravating. I need to go through all my computer stuff and organize it. With WoW uninstalled I am sort of looking for something to play. I have been getting into Counter-Strike really heavy with the upcoming tournament at Penny Arcade at the end of August.

Coding at work goes well. I am trying to get to deploying some of my work finally so you guys can see what the heck I am up to. Recently I have started learning how to make images dynamically with PHP. I am also trying to add more features to the current ladder Guild Wars uses. The live version is fairly plain and when you compare it to other leading RPG ladders, it definately looks under worked.

I found a really good sub shop locally. It’s called Jimmy John’s and it is so good. Those that know me know I practically hate sandwiches especially those made by restaurants. This place changed that. I will gladly eat a sub sandwich from Jimmy Johns. Yep… I am widening my food horizon.

Last week when it rained there was some traffic and I hit my brakes. I slid about 100 feet and in that time I actually prepared for a collision. I couldn’t veer because I didn’t want to start spinning and lose control. It was an odd 5 seconds. Anyway, my friend Kenny told me that my tires were to blame for my lack of control (this was a while back when I actually did a 180 in the rain in downtown Poulsbo). The Federal brand tires are made of cheap rubber and didn’t grip.

This time when it happened, though, I made an effort to shop around for new tires. They are expensive! Spending $500 on tires and then to have them put on was going to be even more expensive. My co-worker found a set of 4 Cobra 17×7 wheels complete with Proxes Toyo 245/45ZR17 tires. After reading reviews the $400 the fella wanted seemed very reasonable. Last weekend we drove to Arlington and picked them up. I talked him down to $350. It was well worth the effort. The tires are a good 2 inches wider than my current ones. I put them on my car and I immediately felt the differences in handling, start and stopping and so on. Now I just need to save my pennies and get my wheels aligned. Its made me appreciate my Mustang more than ever.

Which reminds me. A couple weekends ago I waxed my car. That was a good experience. I got out and did something physical. It was a lot of work. I think maintaining your car is important. I know washing and waxing is cosmetic but keeping all that dirt off and protecting the surface will pay off if I ever want to sell it.

And speaking of physical stuff… I have quit caffeine and high sugar again. When I came here all the free Coke was hard to over come but I am on day 4 of drinking diet Sprite. Taste is okay. I treat myself to some orange or apple juice in the mornings but I think this is a good step. Crystal informed me of a study that indicated that 1 soda a day for a year constitutes a 15 pound weight gain. Of course people like Dennis defy this logic but I figured I would cut the extra calories anyway. Crystal cooked up a wonderful stir fry the other night and I am embracing eating better. I digressed from my calorie counting days but I am back and it feels good.

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