“It’s A -name brand-” Stickers

I am so tired of seeing stickers on cars that are stupid. The ones I am talking about are the big annoying ones that proclaim the name brand of the car the person is in. Now before I go on I will admit I was once this stupid too but I have reformed and corrected my erroneous ways.

I see these kids drive around in their Honda and a giant Honda sticker on their rear window. Every time I see this kind of crap no matter the brand I say to myself, “Is that…? No. Can’t be. Really? A…. Honda? Wait! It’s a Honda? Really? Are you sure? Honda. Okay… Naw…. You know, I think they’re right. It’s a Honda. Yep. It is. That decal on their window matches the symbol on their trunk and their hood ornament. Cool! I wasn’t sure if it was a Honda. Those symbols are so hard to see from so close in this traffic.” Well, not everytime but you get the point.

See how ridiculous that is? If it was something interesting like the name of their clan, some game, or a club they are into I’d be okay with it. But re-affirming the name brand of the vehicle you are in seems so pointless. If it was, say, an Astin Martin I could understand a sticker that says “Astin Martin: Look at me I’m filthy rich and you’re not.” but a Honda or Hyundai or Ford or Chevy or whatever isn’t really that impressive. It’s not like I sit in traffic for an hour everyday and haven’t seen your brand and model and color sixteen times already today.

Besides, cars are simply a way to get from point A to B. Comfort is important and some luxuries are allowable but some levels of pride in inanimate objects are just strange.

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