Grado Headphones

As with everyone else here in the U.S., I am fed gobs of marketing and advertising that tells me if it’s shiny, popular, over marketed, or remarkably expensive it must be good. I have been shopping for headphones now for about a year. I visited my local electronics outlets and they all carry the same old stuff. Sennheiser, Sony, Bose; you can name it. I have tried all of them and I have been interested in a few but with each there have been both pros and cons.

But in my thirst for knowledge I was able to see beyond the vast commercial wiles of corporate America and get onto the Internet and find other Hi-Fi options. Since I listen to a lot of techno I figured I wanted a DJ headphone. I looked at Sony, Pioneer, and lately Stanton. They were all big with large drivers and a shiny, sexy if you will, design.

If you want exceptional headphones for a good price you must consider at least listening to a pair of Grado headphones. I am serious! If you don’t then you weren’t shopping for a pair of good headphones. I am listening to a pair of SR-80s I borrowed from a co-worker and from the second I put them on I have been amazed by the details and range of sound these beauts put out. Every other headphone I have heard to this date is inferior. I plan on buying these as soon as I have the cash. I am surprised and pleased that I finally got a chance to listen to a pair.

My only gripe is that although they are comfortable, they aren’t the most comfortable headphone since this model sits on your ears. If you want comfort than an open ear headphone would probably be your best bet.

And now you have an example of “word of mouth” where something that really is good is shared with others. When I get a pair I will do a more thorough review in my reviews section.

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