World of Warcraft

Some of you may know about my enjoyment playing games. I really enjoy MMORPGs too but often times I end up hating the game. Let’s see, the games I have played are EVE which is an amazing space based game where you can trade, mine and fight other players and NPCs. The problem is that the game is a suicidal bore fest dotted with occasional discovery of some new technology. Next was FFXI which to this day I have fond memories of. The story is great, the graphics are crispt yet light. The implementation of classes was fun to experiment but in the end it became a drag because once you hit a certain level (around 20 I think) you were stuck looking for groups of other players who you can team up with and wage combat. Sometimes I would wait 4 hours. Not fun. Next was City of Heroes. This was a blast. Creating a super hero and building up powers was so cool. The costumes and characters people created made it really interesting. The levels were well done too and the different enemies, story and events made it fun. This game turns monotonus with time. The problem is that for the first few levels everything is interesting and new and then sets in the routine. Not fun anymore. Next was Everquest II. I bought this game with high hopes my wife would play with me. I had met other couples that played together and it was encouraging o see couples could enjoy it. The eye candy was very tempting and I loved the depth of the skill trees. This was a game created by the ones who started it all. I compare this game a lot to FFXI. It didn’t have the memorable personality of FFXI but it had some pretty cool places to explore. I liked the look and feel of this game. The problem starts at around level 20 and things slow down. You can solo but it becomes slow. I still like it but I can’t justify paying for it. It feels like a job. The levels are vast but the interface and quirks of the gameplay make it hard to communicate. Things are not intuitive at all and the smaller zones have nasty surprises. I played the beta for RF online and that is just one amazing mess of confusion.

World of Warcraft

Enter World of Warcraft (WoW). I played it breifly when a co-worker let me borrow his account to see what’s in the game. It looked cartoony and I didn’t have anough time to invest (nor did I feel like investing in a borrowed account). I dismissed it. Besides, I had just built a computer, upgraded mine and bought 2 copies of EQ2. Why would I want to switch now? :roll:

I bought WoW with some influence form a friend at work. Let’s just say that I wasn’t too hard to convince. Just about everyone I know plays the game. It helped that he had experienced the other games so I can get a better comparison to what I have played in the past. The game, the world, the charecters, the skills, the items, the quests: it’s all amazing. It is no wonder that there are almost 6 million subscribers. I am barely level 10 and I am already excited about the expansion. I am excited at the prospect of giving a game like this more longevity. I am simply overwhelmed with how much there is to do and see. My only gripe is the $14.99 that it costs every month but it seems well worth it. I am sure that I might eventually get bored with it but from everything I have heard, that will probably never happen.

If you decide to try this game out, drop me a line! My character is a paladin named Demonatrix on the Rexxar server.

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