Whoa! Plochman’s!

Man I sure do love mustard. Stone ground, yellow: you name it. Plochman’s has a fabulous stone ground mustard and a couple years back I discovered their yellow mustard. It is far superior to the French’s brand. French’s tastes seedy. I endure however. For hot dogs and hamburgers it is much better than the gener-o brands of the local grocery store. Today we went to the Super Walmart in Poulsbo and they had it! I bought two of the precious Plochman’s yellow mustard. I thought for sure I would never see it again. Nope! I win!

Yeah, so maybe I am a little weird.

Also, I had an emergency with my computer. It was running really slow and stuff. I guessed it was either a virus or the dust. I opened my case and cleaned everything, put it together and bam: it runs great again. I am glad of that. Oh, and I uninstalled Norton and am now running AVG. It’s free and good. Norton was taking up 10 processes. Amazing.

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