What’s Happening!

So its been an amazing couple weeks so far. I have shouldered my responsibilities at my new job and it feels good to be the go to man on the project I am working on. I am learning a lot as I work on this especially about keeping web forms secure and different methods of stopping various malicious code from hitting your site. I will post some examples at a later time.

I visited my friends in Tacoma and it was good to see everyone. I am very pleased that my friends are living closer than before. Last week I left work a little early because some construction crew knocked the power out to a quarter of Bellevue so I took the opportunity to pick up Jerry and Josh and we went to Popeye’s and had some chicken and then went to Infotech in Federal Way where I bought a 3800+ processor. It was half off. What a deal! Sometime during one of these visits we stopped at the best cigar shop on the planet. It definitely doesn’t look like it from the outside and well, from the inside. Okay, maybe not the best on the planet. But much better than anything I had ever seen before. I bought these cigarillos that were so nice. So smooth. I smoked one and it was very relaxing.

I washed my Mustang and it looks amazing. I mean, its just a car but at least now I was reminded of why the heck I bought the darn thing. My parents came over and I helped them order a Dell. *sigh* I know, “Friends don’t let friends buy Dells.” But its hard to compete with the wholesale they get. I can’t compete.

Nate and I finally went and got the motorcycle I bought from Nick. It only runs on a rich choke setting. Not sure what is wrong with it but my guess is on the varnished fuel. Regardless, I will spend some time fixing it. My father-in-law gave me a helmet to use which is great because I rally can’t afford much lately. Crystal being out of a job for two or so months has really drained us.

Our company gave all us employees a free collector’s edition of the newest release of our game. Its really wicked. Lots of cool extras I always disregarded when buying games. I took my shrink wrap off and then laid it on the cafeteria table where everyone else had laid done their copies. The staff then went around and autographed all the copies. That was pretty neat.

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