The Little One

I have created a new gallery titled “The Little One” where some cool pictures are added about Henry. Also, I added a new wallpaper and a couple pictures of the latest Narrows Bridge construction which includes a ship loaded with roadway segments. All located at the gallery.

Oh and Paul Oakenfold is playing at club one3one tomorrow. I have a serious hankering to go. The last serious DJ I saw was Anne Savage (kick ass mix by the way) but I am seriously regretting not having gone and seen Tiesto a few months back. Mr. Oakenfold’s new track “Faster Kill Pussycat” is so hot.

Its back to being hot again. I wish it would cool off more during the nights and on the weekends. Sun shine is great and all but the heat sucks. We went to a company picnic for the company I used to work for (actually, Crystal went and I tagged along). It was very nice to see a few people. It wasn’t as big of a showing as I had hoped but then again I am not sure a lot of people are left to want to go.

Henry received his first set of shots yesterday. He’s been very…. say…. off lately. I suppose his body acclimating to various infectious diseases and all will do that. Still, it makes things a little more difficult.

Finally, I purchased the first component to my new computer. An AMD 3800+ CPU. It was on sale at Infotech in Federal Way. I stopped there on my way home from work one ay with Jerry and Josh. That was an awesome outing. I have my case picked out. It will be the stylish yet utilitarian Antec TX640B complete with 400-Watt power supply. I am a little dismayed that there seems to be a brewing CPU war on the horizon… but if I wait for prices to come down or hope for the next technology I might as well never buy a new computer. Kind of waiting to move to Jeruselem when the Palestinians and Jews finally bury the hatchet.

UPDATE: Okay I stand corrected. This supposed CPU war has been brewing for a few years now. Apparently I bought my processor at a time when Intel is about to launch its Duo series which may force competition to lower its prices by as much as 70% by some industry know-it-alls.

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