I have been sick now for about a week. Sure, the worst of it was Sunday but the cough and runny nose are still here. At least I no longer have those chills coupled with an inability to breath normally and I have returned to sleeping soundly at night. I finally ordered garbage service for the house. Kind of refreshing having been without it for a few months since moving out of the apartment. I am not sure how 2 people generate so much trash. I think we have about 20 13-gallon bags of trash. My biggest joy is being out of the house in Belfair. Going so long in such miserable conditions wears at you. The utility shower (defined as a shower stall added to a garage) was so cold because of the concrete floor. The sinks in the other bathroom leaked, the toilet in the utility bathroom leaked, the bathroom upstairs was leaking and off limits, the fridge’s auto-defrost element was mafunctioning so all our food would quickly spoil. We had our little beer fridge to tide us over, but that is still hard. It was very expensive to heat this gigantice house with electric heat and the wood was all soaked so it was extremely hard to heat the place. The drive was far and so I am glad that is over. I am not complaining, just catalogging the experience. It was nice to save some money on rent as we looked for our new house.

Okay, now some interesting things been going on lately. First off, some dominatrix back east killed one of her customers. What a curious story. I guess what is more outrageous is how she and her boyfreind handled it. They chopped the body up and dumped it somewhere. First, boyfriend? A domme has a boyfriend? Interesting relationship. I mean, believe me I have no problem with the domme part. Meh, I guess what bothers me is the lack of monogomy. How do you handle your girlfriend performing sex acts on many other men (And boo to you for thinking its not a sex act. Its not a vanilla sex act)? And chopping the body up? Gah, that’s just terrible. The real kicker is that she was acquitted. Yep. Not even a handslap. I guess shit happens but damn, what a bizzare story.

Mohammed Cartoon

(14:58:09) Friend: I’m not for the war, and I think Bush needs to be impeached
(14:58:33) Me: I think the war is a total sham
(14:58:34) Friend: but stuff like this make me sort of happy we are blowing them up with white phosphorus

So then who know how lately Muslims are protesting this cartoon? It kind of makes me sick, actually. Can infedels blaspheme a prophet we don’t follow? Here are some things I have collected that somehow reflect how I feel about the issue.

First off, the original article that caught my eye: here. Okay so after displaying a cartoon that obviously depicts some sort of bomb on top of the Muslim founder which to me indicates that the followers are violent or similar, we have armed idiots sitting around EU buildings: here.

Here are some comments about the issue from the BBC comments section regarding the issue:

Added: Thursday, 2 February, 2006, 17:45 GMT 17:45 UK

If it were not so tragic, it would be comical. It is better than a Monty Python sketch. “Death to Denmark” sounds so pathetic, it had me rolling on the floor. Look guys, by getting all upset over these silly cartoons, you have ensured they have been publicised worldwide and you have made yourselves look very silly!

-Richard Marriott, Worcester, United Kingdom

Added: Thursday, 2 February, 2006, 17:45 GMT 17:45 UK

I truley hope to God that the press continue printing the pictures. Islam cannot dictate how people of the world should live. I am strong enough in my own faith (Christianity) not to allow cartoons bother me.
Denmark is not an Islamic country, but a democratic one. As a result the press and people should not be bound by the rules of Islam but should have the right to practice their freedom of speech.


Added: Thursday, 2 February, 2006, 16:55 GMT 16:55 UK

I see this as a sign Muslims are finally beginning to integrate into european society. The west makes fun of itself all the time–now Muslims are included. They should rejoice! US does this all the time and we all get a laugh.

-Yamil Kalada, Florida

Added: Thursday, 2 February, 2006, 16:55 GMT 16:55 UK

Lee in New York asks “If a cartoon character with jesus was protrayed in a unsuitable manner,no doubt about every catholic will be outraged.”

Let’s see, we had the films “Last Temptation of Christ” “Life of Brian” and “Dogma,” and a portrait of the virgin mother covered in feces in art gallery among other things.

Did Christians get mad about this? Yes.

Did they chant for the death of people and try to kidnap and kill people? No.

See any difference?

-Paul Hilburger, Apex, United States

Added: Thursday, 2 February, 2006, 16:55 GMT 16:55 UK

How lacking in confidence do you have to be to take offence from a cartoon. Cartoons as a form of political satirism are a fine tradition. No religion should be exempt from such ridicule. Most of Europe is mature enough to poke fun at christianity (The Life of Brian springs to mind). The Middle East seems unable to grasp that for most in Europe religion is of little importance and as such we cannot comprehend states and peoples that only identify themselves by virtue of their religion.

-Tom, London

The funda-fascists of the Muslim faith are determined to scare the world into respecting a religion that a vast majority do not follow, believe in, or consider legitamate. Where should we expect the next set of bombs to go off? I know that I am generalizing and not all Muslims are like this. I understand this point. The difference between these fundamentalists and the rest of the world is that we take offence and move on. They take offence, strap a bomb onto themselves, and kill you or everyone you know. Yes, there were some critical comments I could have posted here. But you see no matter how apologetic a Muslim may be at this time its too late. The protests, flag burning, bombing; it all contradicts their words. This has all been blown much out of proportion. They don’t have to like what Westerners print in their newspapers. As a courtesy to our European compatriots, every paper in the world needs to print this cartoon. If you don’t like it, move on. Stop killing people. I’m sorry, your existance isn’t the only one on this planet. People, newspaper, whatever entities should be able to say and print whatever they want. They suffer the consequences. Consequences like lidigation, boycotting, avoiding, or refutation of what was said or written. If its farce or obviously boisterous, you suffer losing your reputation. Be treated as you treat others. Be civilized people.

Moving on to domestic capitalism, we were discussing how the companies we work for a basically entities created for the sole purpose of creating wealth for the owners or executives. Sure there are publically owned companies but even they fall pray to this rule. I believe a free market economy but there seems to be a lack of ethical or moral bounds within this system. The disgusting attitude of raping the common man, woman and child of life energy to fund themselves worries me. Profits of over $10 billion is mind blowing. And really, Exxon is not unique. Look at Microsoft’s seemingly endless supply of cash. This is profit. Not gross. This is after the extra costs spent on having to ship oil extra distances because of hurricanes and all the other bullshit you and I are fed of why costs went up.

Remember the phrase “You can sheer a sheep many times, but skin it only once.”? Well these oil companies and other mega companies have been shearing and skinning over and over. There seems to be a disproporationate rise of inflation and profit margins. The founders were correct in creating a method to protect us from corperations. We need to use it. How do we tackle this issue, though? How much profit is too much? Who decides? See, a good company would donate excessive proceeds or drop costs. This sort of income just baffles me. Even on the smaller level, we have small business where the officers make between $150 to $250,000 a year while the average employee is treated like dirt and makes $25,000 a year. It’s their company and they can do what they want. It just seems sad.

Oh and continuing on our civilization’s departure from all that is earthly, natural and personal I need to include this wonderful article which includes a healthy picture of a computer controlled mini-gun. Yep, they have taken security to a new level where an intruder doesn’t just die, they get pulverized. Why has it become so that we need mini-guns to defend installations from intruders? Its like something out of the movies. It kind of freaks me out. It seems so empty, calculated and cold. I think the movies explore the realms of outer possiblities and as technology catches up to the imagination those posibilities are realized. Our future can be painted a couple ways. Scarey if you’ve seen Terminator 3. Funny if you’ve seen The Producers.

UPDATE: Tens of thousands of Muslims across the globe are protesting using this as an oppurtunity to impose their will upon the globe. Its a fucking cartoon. Get over it. Then Iran announces that it will have competition to see if a good Jew bashing cartoon can be drawn up. These people are acting like chidren. What’s funny is that the West will almost certainly react by shrugging it off. I hope so anyway.

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