New Game: Guild Wars Factions

Recently a friend of mine commented on my desire to purchase software from a company for which I work for. I was caught off guard. You see, I have been working for my previous employer for about two and a half years and I have yet to purchase or even use the software. I am thinking of this as job training. I played the original game until level 9 or so when other stuff came out. I usually float game to game because I like to check out the newest stuff. Its very interesting to play. I love the lack of subscription costs and the amazing art in the game. One of my favorite features is the ability to add NPC to your group. It totally removes a need to find other players to go exploring. I am not really introverted but I play so sparoatically that I have difficulties forming relationships with folks.

Anyway, I will play it and see if I can get into it. Its hard to switch from World of Warcraft right now.

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