Memorial Weekend

It went by quick. I didn’t get the rest I needed. I was busy all day Saturday and Sunday and Monday was full of homework. Too bad. I got some really important stuff done, though, and that makes me happy.

I helped a friend roof his carport which was really cool. I feel more like a man everytime I accomplish tasks like this. It confirms that I will not be paying someone to do it for me later and that feels good. I think we had a couple learning moments during the installation of the first few rows. Otherwise, it went smoothly.

I have been running and working out. I am still trying to watch my calories. I started doing excercises like push-ups and sit-ups. Nate let me borrow some weights so now I do curls. Its really exciting to get in shape. I really thank him for keeping me motivated. I feel like we are keeping each other accountable.

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