New Job: Day One

Well, it was definitely a good first day. I didn’t throw up on my boss but I sure came close. I left around 8:20 in the morning and arrived at work around 9:45. What is that? An hour and twenty minutes or so? Not terrible. The traffic was worst between Renton and Bellevue. I drove around to see how it was. Not too bad.

I arrived at work and was shown my computer. A notepad, sticky notes, and writing utensils lay by my keyboard. How thoughtful, I thought. Our HR manager showed me the cafeteria and had me sign some paperwork. The cooler stocked full of Coca-Cola products and the endless supply of chips, cookies, candy, beef jerky and Cup o’ Noodles are surely my demise.

I settled down to my desk, logged in and started installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Pear on the system. I also put down some hot Vim action and Notepad++. I spent a while putting some database ideas into a spread sheet. Basically, its a web application very similar to the one I worked at my previous job but much simpler where records are inserted and then updated. Later, while I was working on installing… some girls… I think in the art pod… decided to compare cartwheel technique. They decided to do it in the open area by my desk. They got pretty close a couple times. I was afraid of getting nailed in the head.

All in all it was a very productive day. I felt welcome and the environment was inviting. Tomorrow I need to finish up the Pear install. I am having some trouble getting it to work. Tim suggested I use VM Server which is an excellent idea. I will probably spend some of the day making that work.

The drive home was about an hour. The traffic was light and at 7 ish the sun was starting to set. What a day! I felt good and I was so happy to have had my first day at my new job!

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