Creature Comforts

You know I rarely post pictures directly into my blog but that makes the entire thing colorless and very grey. I think I will add some color this time around. The heat lately has been unbearable. So much, actually, that we went and bought an air conditioner. It wasn’t too expensive. It’s 12,300 BTUs which to us means it will comfortably cool our little house. The heat sweltered to what felt like a hundred degrees in our litle house. I was sweating like a farm animal. Installation was fairly simple.

New AC

So I am writing to you from my home chilled to 65 degrees. Recently a friend of mine helped me move a motorcycle I am buying from another friend. Its a Yamaha that needs some work but I should have it running soon. Its definately not my dream bike. I eventually want to buy a Triumph Bonneville or something like that.


We visited Crystal’s dad’s home for some dinner the other night. He was nice to give me a helmet for free. I wore it on the way home that day.


Although we didn’t really have a chance to blow stuff up this year with fireworks… we did get some sparklers and light them one of the weekends right after. The lights are sure pretty. For some reason I didn’t expect a digital camera aperature to function so similarly to that of a conventional camera but then again, why wouldn’t it?


Crystal and our son sure look good together. I had to brighten it up a bit but its a fantastic pic.

Wife and Son

And all this comes to you while I teach Henry how to become a future computer geek/Microsoft chairman.

Father and Son

AMD just slashed their prices by 47% and they may slash more. I am probably going to take my processor back and get a dual core which is really what I wanted. A dual core 3800+ is now only $10 more than what I paid for my single core. I am setting my sights on a dual core 4200+ for $199 but I will wait since it will be a while before I can afford the rest of my machine. Hopefully Infotech takes this one back without a fight.

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