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Today I finally solved why the development boxes weren’t displaying things right. You know, its kind of hard to debug something you can’t really try yourself. After being a complete newb, I figured out to log onto the machine and simple guess and check until it worked. First off, setting date_default_timezone_set() in PHP causes bad things to happen if the php.ini file is already set. Then it appears that the boxes had ctype functionality disabled. This was breaking my app. Yes, not having privledges for user outside localhost was an issue that I fixed yesterday thanks to Dennis. I mean, I knew that was something that needed to be addressed because I glossed over it but now the darn thing works.

I stayed over at my parents’ house last night. I left here at 9 o’clock. A little too late to drive around. I really need to research the bus and ferry thing. It would save me a bunch on gas and sanity. Actually, the drive isn’t bad. I mean, it definitely puts driving into a category of things I don’t jump at to do. I will probably stay the night at my parents house today. I miss going home and being away from my wife and son is hard. We’ll see. I am not sure what I will do.

I fixed some display issues with this site. There are some things inside that are broken a couple layers in but I doubt many visitors get to that content often anyway. I will probably update and fix that stuff over the weekend.

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