A Couple Thoughts

I have had a couple thoughts as I drive to work. Here is a culmination:

  • Its gross when people use a public restroom and then leave without washing their hands. My favorite are those “turn the tap on for a second and pass my hand under the water” types. Like what does that do?
  • Playing computer games at work as part of your job is cool.
  • People that drive crazy and cause accidents with their recklessness should be tied to their wrecked car for 24 hours with buckets of rotten tomatoes set close by so they can be humiliated for wasting so many peoples’ time.
  • Our government is a plutocracy entangled in bureaucracy and personal ambition simultaneously weighed down by total disregard for the average citizen and person for that matter.
  • Super Moine is my hero.
  • Electric sports cars that put Italian wonders to shame kick ass.
  • It’s refreshing to see something playfully sexy as opposed to the raunch you usually get on the Internet via popups. Still, send me this when I am at home; not at work! B)
  • Kids that want to “stick it to the man” but go to a trendy outlet and spend gobs of cash on niche, commercially made garb are stupid. They are certainly sticking the “man” cash.
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