Uncle Adolf

So yesterday I turned in my paper regarding the Middle East crisis. I walked into class holding it in my hand because I had just printed it. Everyone stopped and stared. I knew at that instant I had commited an overkill. Weighing at around a hefty 75 pages bound by a spring clip, it looked scarey. My teacher laughed and everyone got worried. I laughed with everyone and explained that I included all my references and that the paper was really only 7 pages. We went around the room explaining the cornerstone of our policies. Some were good and some were terrible. I think I’m safe. Then we watched the final hour of “All Quiet on the Western Front”. For the 1930′s, its actually a well made movie and I am glad I watched it. Then our teacher said next week we’ll start discussing Uncle Adolf. Quickly, half the kids shake their heads no and I think I even heard someone say they have no German in them. To that I replied, it’s not whether or not you are related. That would be naive to assume or even ponder. To say Uncle Adolf is to imply that every human being is capable of the same evils and so seperate ourselves from Mr. Hitler by any method without acknowleging he was also a fellow human is a mistake which has already cost millions of lives around the globe under the direction of folks like Pol Pot and Slobodan Milo?ević.

Damn, sometimes I wish I would say the things I think out loud. Anyway, I am enjoying the class. I am posting my paper on the following pages. Of course, Please feel free to criticize. I just wanted to share what I am doing in the class. So please, enjoy.

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