Paper Curse

Now I am not a superstitious person by any means but there is a peculiar coincidence that occurs with every large paper I have ever written for school through all my years.

Back in junior high school, a few of you may remember the 17 or 19 page behemoth paper I wrote as my ninth grade final in English. The subject matter was Erwin Rommel. I was very proud of that work. I had consulted many references. Did I receive my paper back? No. The teacher kept putting me off until it was too late and the school year was over. I never found out what she thought of my work. Was it bad? Good? How can a teacher fail to finish reading such a huge assignment?

Next enter my senior English paper. I am not sure how many pages it was. I am guessing about 15. The subject matter: Dante’s inferno. I had read that bastard of a book trying to comprehend what was it even about. I had created an in depth analysis of Dante’s characterization of people, Did I receive my paper back? Nope. Dissapeared for good. I even badgered her about it. Lost. My work gone and no clue as to how I did.

Enter 10 years later, Olympic College. I write a seven page paper regarding a possible solution to the Middle East crisis which I posted earlier including all the references. Nothing. Everyone else has gotten their papers back. He’s still grading mine. Bah! That’s the excuse I have been hearing for years! Is it that my papers were so long? Were they dry? Over analytical? I have a feeling I might just get my paper back this time but still, seeing my past returns on papers it’s quite possible I have a paper curse.

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