Gehen, um einzuschulen! Ja!

We had a good event occur this weekend. One of our church members had a landlord looking to get rid of a washer and dryer. I was hesitant at first but I agreed to take them. Now I am greatful we did. Although the set up is a bit ghetto, its wonderful to be able to wash our clothes. To be specific, we don’t have room in the house for the units so we put them into the garage. It appears that the previous owners did the same. The garage breaker box has 220 Volt breakers for the dryer. We bought a dryer pipe and some rings and the dryer was done. For the washer I bought a pack of garden hose washers and some of that new cold water detergent. As you can guess, I ran a garden hose to the washer from the spout on the side of the house. For the waste, I dug a hole in the ground and placed a chimney flu to keep the sides from collapsing. The drum was for those days when we have to do a lot of laundrey because the ground can soak only so much. Other then the hose the whole set up is real nice.

Class is going okay. The Calculus I class is increasing in difficulty because of teacher style and/or the book style. We are studying limits and average velocity and the concepts are straight forward. The thing that bothers me most is the random problems with no neighboring examples. I am okay with being assigned positive numbers in the book its just there was this one problem where we wanted to find the limit of a square root minus constant divided by a square root minus constant. The instructor suggested we try conjugating the numerator and the denominator. Man that turned so ugly when I started rationalizing the second term. So I solved it using the numerical approach. I felt cheap and maybe I missed a key concept. C programming is fun. I am very happy to be learning a new language and its amazing how similar C and PHP are. Here is my first C program:

Author: Me
Program: lab00.c
Date: 2006-03-31
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>

int main()
/* Define your variables here. */
float input = 1;
float output_square;
float output_cube;
int validate;
FILE * report;
printf("CUBINATOR 2006" );
report = fopen("report.txt", "w");
/* Check to make sure we can create a file. */
if ( report == NULL )
printf("\nError Opening File !");
printf("\n\nPress any key to exit program.");

/* Print the header to the file we just created. */
fprintf( report, "\n\tSquare and Cube Numbers Report File\n\n" );
fprintf( report, " NUMBER\t\t\tSQUARE\t\t\tCUBE" );
fprintf( report, "\n------------------------------------------------------------" );

/* Step through each entry and do the calculations. As the values are created, write them to the file. */
while ( input != 0 )
printf("\nEnter a number you wish to square and cube: ");
validate = scanf("%f", &input);
if(validate != 1)
printf("\nYou must enter any real number! Try again.");

/* When '0' is inputed, quit. */
if ( input == 0 )
/* Calculations are done here. */
output_square = powf( input, 2 );
output_cube = powf( input, 3 );

fprintf(report, "\n %8.2f \t\t %8.2f \t\t %8.2f", input, output_square, output_cube); 
printf("\n %8.2f \t\t %8.2f \t\t %8.2f", input, output_square, output_cube); 

return 0;

Simply gets input from the user and calculates the square and cube and displays them while writing them to a report file. We put together the mobile on the crib yesterday and we got a lot done. The baby’s room is really clearing up. I also put my roll top desk together. It’s about darn time. I have yet to go to my War class. I was really sick on Thursday and decided to stay home. I hope I didn’t fall too far behind. I hate missing class. I guess for those that don’t know, I made an extremely difficult choice this quarter. I dropped piano in favor of the War class. It was because when I figured out gas, time and the additional fee the lessons cost, it would be cheaper and smarter to just take another class. To take lessons it was costing me $140 a month on top of the $200 fee. So all together, I estimated that it would cost me $620 for the quarter to take piano lessons. I will continue practicing because it really hurt me to stop taking lessons. Right now, Crystal and I need every penny we can manage to save. Its hard enough to work 40 hours a week as it is. Having to leave for an hour lesson 40 minutes away in the middle of a work day was just going to end up costing too much. :(

Good news, though, is that our college is part of the MSDN Academic Alliance which entitles me to a free copy of MS Windows XP Professional as well as Visio, Visual Studio 2005, and some other developmental tools. Wow. This is great especially for students that have never owned a copy of Windows! This really helped me out. I am not sure what other college’s requirements are but definately check into it!

Anyway, I should probably pay attention to my instructor!

UPDATE: After having my code thoroghly hacked to bits by some friends, I have added some input validation and changed an exit(0); to a break. Sheesh. :)

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