First Week

It’s been a difficult first week. I guess its evident by my lack of posts. The first night home was sleepless as we were getting accustomed to the new addition to our family. After mom’s milk came in, though, he was less fussy. Crystal stays home with him while I go to work and school. He doesn’t let her do much else. He wishes to be held. Sometimes he naps and let’s het take a moment to relax but its a full time job with over time.

School is okay. I didn’t do so hot on the last math exam. It’s understandable because the weekend right before that Henry was born. My Computer Science teacher is super understanding which is really nice. I have to write a five page paper and then either draw 8 cartoons, write 6 limericks, or create a collage regarding the stuff we learned in our War class. That should be interesting.

Sin Episodes was released through Steam this last week. Fantastic game. The graphics are okay but it could use some real polishing. The enviornments are too “clean” and the models for the charecters and creatures seem a little dated. Not terrible but not the same level as Half-Life 2 which uses the same engine. I am thrilled they chose Bianca Beauchamp as the real life model for the games’s evil vixen Elexis Sinclaire. Otherwise, I have been playing my X-Box 360 much more often. It is much easier to get into a game than the computer. As a matter of fact, my computer died last night. Now before we all freak out, it must have been an overheating issue. I opened the case and blew the dust out. There was a solid layer of dust around the CPU. I think that did it. Scared me. The computer wouldn’t even come on. Thank God for ASUS overheating protection. Still, I think my machine is aging and I am looking to get a new one. It may be a while though due to fiscal constraints.

I want to start running this week. We’ll se ehow that goes.

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