Child Birth As a Dad

Now my utmost respect and love goes to my wife Crystal for everything she’s endured during the birth of our son. It was an amazing event. I wanted to chronicle the moments leading up to the birth of our first baby.

A while ago we decided we wanted a natural birth. A birth with as little intervention as possible. From what we read and heard, this was the best route to take for our son and for my wife. She was very excited and her confidence in accomplishing this was high. We felt that natural birth was to allow the woman’s body to what it was designed to do naturally. In addition to this, there were many reasons to try “alternative” approaches to birth. Contrary to American medical trends, birth is not a medical condition. Induction, Cesarian, & Epidural all become things we wanted to avoid. We didn’t look down at those. We just felt there was value to attempting a birth where we were in full control. We hired a doula and switched from obstetrician to a midwife. The change in care was instant. It was personalized. We felt like we had a working relationship with everyone. Crystal went to visits just like a normal doctor would have required. The midwife, however, was much more in tune with Crystal’s needs. The obstetrician’s office made us feel like birth was not special and we were often times steam rolled into taking tests and questions were answered cryptically. I think these factors contributed to later what, I think we both agree, was a great birth experience. The time line begins Wednesday when Crystal started feeling painful contractions at regular intervals at some part of the day.

Wednesday, May 3rd
Crystal was uncomfortable all night. She felt contractions starting the weekend before. She felt really uncomfortable. Tuesday she had irregular contractions throughout the day but by afternoon, she was fairly comfortable. Wednesday was different because throughout the night, she barely got any sleep. Although she was extremely considerate and moved herself to the couch (which she said was more comfortable), I also slept far less. I heard her getting up and vocalizing the pain at times. I felt terribly unhelpful. I went to work and she stayed home. The contractions were 5 to 10 minutes apart. Not close enough to be concerned, but enough to indicate the birth would come soon. By afternoon, she was comfortable yet still having irregular contractions.

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