Still Nothing

We are still waiting for the little guy to arrive. Crystal is trying to relax. Its scary that we’re so close to one of the biggest stages in our lives. I can’t wait to be a daddy. :)

In other news, I’ve created a nifty calorie tracking page located in the files section. Yep, now the whole world can see what I eat every day. Check it out here. Its all database driven. I actually used something I learned in a computer class! Also, I have removed our drunken party video. It was 90 megs and I figure everyone that matters has had a chance to see it. Also, I removed the Narrows Bridge gallery for the time being. I will make it available after I sort through all the pictures.

Oh, and we performed a “legendary” trade in according to the folks at Electronics Boutique. The money was crap though but we really didn’t feel like dealing with eBay or trying to sell the stuff. It was a little hard to get rid of my copy of Ace Combat 4. I shed a small tear. Oh yeah, so you know what I am rambling about, we traded in all consoles. The PS2, Gamecube and the Xbox and all games. We also god rid of a couple PSP games and a UMD movie we never watched. I got an Xbox 360 instead and man, I am speechless. I played one briefly at a friends house….

*one sec… terrible song on stream… must change channel* to the rescue. Phew. Anyway, as I was saying, I played it at a friend’s house and I was impressed. I haven’t played my other consoles in months yet alone even hooked them up. I started out with DOA4 and Oblivian both of which are excellent. My favorite feature of the 360 is the fact that the wireless controller can also double as the power button. Can’t get too carried away with new games. I really need a new computer.

Man this mix is bad ass. Anyway, laters.

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