Phew, Good Job

I got back my first exam for my Calculus class and I did well. I received 58/60 which is a 96.6%. Nothing to be ashamed about. Last quarter I got a 4.0 in Pre-Calculus, a 3.8 in piano lessons and a 3.7 in Computer Science 120. That last grade is kind of a sham. I was the only person left in the group and ended up doing all the work myself. Enough bitching though!

The other night I was headed to the War class that is held at the Naval Hospital. The class is going well but getting through the checkpoints is so annoying. Of course, the government protects itself to the extreme. They just installed a pillbox. Yes, a pillbox. Its arguable that a military installation should be secure but its interesting to note the level of security that the government has erected around itself. Remember, the September 11th attacks were against a massive civilian target. One which would be at the center of the American heart both economically and psychologically. Do we see the military doing anything to protect these locations? Curious. At the same time, I am glad they are protecting themselves however much more they may entrench themselves as the protectors of this so-called democratic government. At least they remain on their own soil and not in our streets.

Anyway, so I made my way to the base and I was stopped at the gate as usual. I was instructed to pull forward and opened all the doors in my car. They inspected it yet they had trouble finding me on a roster. It was odd that it suddenly became an issue as I had come onto the base 3 or 4 times prior at the beginning of the quarter without any problem. The guard asked me for my name to which I proudly replied with the proper Czech pronunciation. What’s funny about my last name, my skin tone, and the votility of the situation is that I sounded and looked Arab. When the fella looked at me funny I repeated but I actually changed my last name to an Americanized inflection. That seemed to calm everything. I eventually got in but about 15 minutes late to my class. It was an interesting situation.

This weekend yielded a lawn mower which a co-worker dropped off. Initially free, we agreed on a $20 price. No problem. Its nice to have a mower. Easter dinner on Sunday was great. I researched Greek seasonings for lamb. I ended up making a perfectly medium leg of lamb. Costco had a good deal on them. I marinated the meat in lemon juice for a short while. Then I rubbed a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, thyme, marojam, oregano and paprika. It turned out very well. The rotisserie did a remarkable job. We watched a couple iffy movies this weekend. “Doom” was interesting because I played the game and it was a good transition to the big screen but it was a movie about a first person shooter game so how can anyone take it seriously? “The Skeleton Key” was a good thriller. Nothing interesting enough to claim as worthwhile. Roman Polanski’s “Oliver Twist” was fantastic as a period study. The story itself is amazingly depressing but it creates a good catharsis of emotions by its end. Finally, I watched an old animatronic children’s tale “The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town” which was quite silly. I was surprised to see Fred Astaire was the leading role. This flick I needed to see as it satisfied some childhood memories which I needed to revisit. Everyone I thought I was crazy when I said the little engine that could was being stopped from successfully climbing a hillside by an evil type witch figure when she poured butter on the tracks. Now I am sure I wasn’t going insane!

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