New Power Tool

My very first DeWalt 3/8″ electric drill. What a wonderful purchase. Yes, this is my first power tool. It was amazing how easy installing a wall shelf is with the proper tools. Still so much to do though. I feel like the tasks, although there is light at the tunnel, feel so far away from completetion. At work I have finally completed a fairly large peice of work creating a new internal order form. A new issue has cropped up where a session id persists accross tabs in firefox so I need to figure out a way to create a new unique session id for each instance of the form within the session id. Crazy problem.

My classes are going well. The only class I feel anxious over is the Calculus but I am still getting used to the teaching style. Anyway, I am at school. Catch ya’ll later.

UPDATE: The tab spanning session problem was fixed. It’s kind of slick in my opinion. First, I now always check when loading the page to see if a variable is being passed called “order_key”. If not, the page generate a new key. This key is then loaded into the session array and the entire order now is an array defined by that unique key. I guess I should have thought about this when I started the project. Loading an order right into the session without a specific identifier was stupid.

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