Spam and Birthday

I can’t believe I got trackback spammed. That was interesting. I guess I need to figure out a way to stop that from happening. I fixed my DB by deleting all the spam and then disabled the trackback option (since no one has ever used it). Man, I love knowing how to do all that. I will probably be employing some spam protection soon.

My thanks goes to Jerry and Nate for showing up to the Man Shower. It was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The new Super Wal-Mart in Poulsbo has a full grocery section and their meats look really good. I marinated the steaks on Worcheshir sauce, brown sugar, jalapeños, garlic, pepper and chopped onions. They turned out well. A little under salted but when has that ever been a problem!

Yesterday I turned 27. Crystal took me out to dinner at a modest place. It was a great time. Little fanfare. I received some cards from my sister and my mom. Many thanks. Its funny that a couple years ago, getting cards was sort of, well, nothing to get excited about. As I grow older I realize its wonderful to be remembered. To have people who care and go out of their way even if its as simple as a phone call or a little card.

My son will be here in less than a month and I am freaking out. Things should be okay. We are planning on painting the baby’s room a medium blue color with white trim. I need to install a lithgt on the garage so the back yard is a little more lit. So far we are very happy with owning our home. I am sure that my be tested as expensive repairs approach with time but in the end, I am glad I might see some return on all this in the end.

UPDATE: I finally got a raise!

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