Purchasing Umbrellas

So you are about to buy an umbrella. You go to a couple shops and see varying prices, styles, colors, patterns, and whatever. But when it comes down to it, there is really only one umbrella that fits all those variables perfectly. To do this, it needs to pass only one test:

Will it stick out on a rainy day at the funeral of an important dignitary?

That’s all. If the answer is no, then you have your umbrella candidate in your vicinity. If its anything other than large, black, with a simple handle its worth buying and all the other factors are solved. No silly coloring or patterns. No cheap collapsible design. We are going for a classic. The kind of umbrella a couple can fit under. And yes, I recently purchased such a wonder after living in this rainy state for 18 years.

I started playing Star Wars: Empire at War and I have to admit: the game is great. Its an unusually good balance of RTS and strategy. I have only played a couple tutorials and opening battles of the Empire campaign. You simply have to play the bad guys to seek an answer to the age old “what if” question. If its possible, I wish to create several Death Stars and blow up as many planets as I can before I get hit by some game mechanic forbidding me the complete destruction of the galaxy.

sic transit gloria mundi

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