Initial Thoughts

I have so much homework to do its insane. Luckily its all pretty easy but still, I need find time to do it. Which brings up why finding Star Wars: EaW at this point in the quarter was very bad. I was up until 2 this morning crushing the Rebellion with a fleet of Star Destroyers. Its so addictive. I have built up my forces and I have garrisons at all the planets but I can see how managing the growing empire can become difficult. Some planets are pretty vulnerable. The smaller ones have one or 2 slots for ground buildings so defending them will be difficult. That’s where the fleet comes in. With an exception, all the planets have huge space stations that contain shipyards in them. Its pretty neat. The campaign is pretty cool. A little simple but I think its growing in complexity. I am so pumped about building my first Super Star Destroyer. I will amass an entire fleet of them.


Oh yes, an entire fleet.

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