Break Through

Okay its been a while. Its been very busy at work and at home. I literally get to work and busy bee until its time to leave. And basically the same goes for school and home stuff. Good news: we got the piano moved. Bad news: after a month of not playing on it, I realize how bad it is. The action is terrible, the keys are shrunk and separated. The action is as light as a non-weighted electric keyboard. The tuning is still great. I am very happy with the Kirnberger III temperment I chose.

We also have installed our new mail box. No more distasteful cow on my front steps. Instead we opted for the locking mailbox with sleak lines and one color: black. It was a fun Saturday project. 60 pounds of concrete, a 5 foot 4″ x 4″ post and some screws and we are set. I wasn’t comfortable with just a plain old mailbox here in downtown Bremerton. It was either a locking mailbox or a post office box. But then again, if crack heads want to steal my bills and pay them…

Practicing the Chopin Fantasie-Impromptu has been interesting. Playing it extremely slow variating the notes in each hand and joining them only on the beat was terribly difficult to grasp. Instead, my instructor suggested a method of playing the right hand in sequence to a steady left. It worked. For the first time in 15 years of my piano playing (including year long gaps of no playing) I am able to correctly play the first page. I impressed myself. :)

We still have to move the rolltop desk and some clutter from the old house and we still need to get it cleaned. Its in the back of my mind every day. The only thing preceeding it is the pregnancy. Crystal is looking rounder than ever. Its adorable. We have been taking child birth classes with Michelle. She is a doula and will be assisting us throught he whole birth process. Its a whirlwind, for sure. There are so many options that you have. First off, the wealth of information is overwhelming and its somewhat frustrating. We went to a few birthing classes. The other couples were all nice and we dicussed the birth process, breast feeding and birthing interventions. Dr. Sears and his series on birthing have been phenominal sources of information. Its interesting how the entire process has been obscured by so many differing opinions. Its also amazing how so many interventions during birth cause so many complications. The Scandinavians have a much lower C-Section rate at half of ours. Their maternal mortality ratio is a
third of ours. (Bruce Bawer) All this because of a more natural approach towards the birth process. The baby monitor was fun to examine. Basically, its a long plastic rod with a corkscrew on the end of it made from stainless steel. They screw that into the baby’s skin on their skull. And all the drugs they pump into mothers so they can avoid pain that can be mostly blamed on the common practice of being restricted to the bed on their backs cause so many strange things in both the mother and the child. On the flip side, you have to be comfortable in your choices with what and how you go through birth.

I am trying to keep this weekend free of stress and chores. I will be going shooting on Saturday but the rest of the day should be clear. Crystal has some tough choices to make about our dog Songa. Sure, the puppy is a great friend and possible deterent to crime but she’s a lot of work, especially with a baby on the way.

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