Blogs Biting Us

So its been crazy busy. Our little 740 square foot house is packed and I swear that when I come home from work, its bulging. Today I replaced the old lock on the garage. I was surprised how easily the bolt cutters melted through it so I bought one of those round bolt cutter resistant ones in its stead. It was wonderful to sweep the garage and put some things into it. Crystal is hurting often because her whole body is being stretched. It freaked me out when I laid my leg on her hip one night as we were falling asleep and she let out a yelp. A first I was terrified but she then assured me it was a good yelp. Apparently, the baby is helping mom release a hormone that softens the pelvic muscles in anticipation for birth. Yikes I think.

Anyway, I saw a cover to a Seattle Times paper this weekend about employers, schools and whoever using what people say on their blogs against them. To get things interesting, a couple articles to get you started. I have written about this before. I hate self censorship. I would be curious what type of things these people are looking into. And at the same time, its weird to see how people speaking their mind are so scrutinized. I suppose saying what you want comes with a risk. I think its amazing that there is such a risk and its real.

I finished my final exam for my online computer course. That’s the last time I take one of those. I hate online classes. Maybe its the instructor I had. Remember Office Space? The shrink guy that flexed his hand as he was hypnotizing Peter? This guy sounds like that guy from the movie. I don’t know, it was a dissapointing experience for my first online course. I am registered for next quarter. Calculus I, Introduction to C, and piano lessons. I am decided on an AAS or an AS. I need 90 credits and I am just finishing my 27th credit. 30% of the way through a 2 year degree. *sigh* Well, I jsut need to keep on truckin’,

Everything is a go for this week’s man shower which happens to fall on St. Patty’s day and is but a mere 6 days before my 27th birthday. TWENTY SEVEN. Why does every birthday I have feel like an enormous midlife crisis?

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