Football and Babies

This weekend has finally brought on some better feeling. Saturday we gathered up more of the loose items from the old house but it still sems like a lots left. I have the rolltop, bookcase, kitchen appliances, back room boxes and the piano. Do we even have room for all this stuff?

Moving on, the game on Sunday which was I think my first Super-Bowl watching experience ever. It was nice. A lot shorter than I expected. We stopped for lunch before the game at KFC (yes, I admit I have a weakness for fried chicken but God I wish there was something better than KFC around here) and they were out of chicken. LOL. We waited around for them to cook some more up and had lunch. I made my way to my friend’s house and three of us watched the game to beer and chips. It was a lot of fun. The game was a dissapointing but not surprising loss for Seattle. Oh well.

On Friday Crystal and I went to our first baby class. It was wonderful. I am so happy that she and I get to grow closer with the entire experience. Raising a baby has its challenges but we are both very excited. Its so beautiful to see Crystal grow a large belly and some day soon my son will be here. A child I can teach and raise. Its wonderful.

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