The Miracle of Fingerings

Now seconds after writing that I realize how terrible it sounds, but I am talking about piano here so don’t go there! Seriously. Anyway, back to the point I was at the college practicing the piano. I picked two passages that I often stumble over in the Schubert Impromptu in E-flat Major. I have played through these passages fairly well in the past and although I never “ghost”, I have mangled, done the 2-1 or even the 1-1 hop. :oops: Terrible, I know. Anyway, I was working on this portion and I was trying to learn my instructor’s fingerings he suggested. I quickly realized that this at one measure was very wrong and another made it odd. I tried the editor’s fingerings and voilá: the passage now flows. I guess fingerings are worth while after all. After a ten year hiatus from playing, I find myself seriously reworking a lot of my past mistakes. I practiced for almost 2 hours on just these two passages. I hope to go soon and spend a whole session on the Chopin or Rachmoninoff. The Chopin is very difficult for me. The quick 3 versus 4 beat passages are tough! The practice rooms are wonderful. The one room has padding and heavy curtains that absorb a lot of the sound which helps keep my ears happy. The usage seems low during the evening hours I practice and since it is so close to our new house, the three minute drive is nothing to complain about.

I have been doing a bunch more programming at work and its really made it interesting again. My previous co-worker left with little warning so I had to assume all the old responsibilities.

$var = trim($var);
$var = ltrim($var);
$year = substr($date, 0, 4);

Some examples of the new stuff I have been learning lately. Nothing amazing but its new fucntionality. I am trying to learn some Perl for the CGI clock-in scripts we use and its fairly different from PHP. I am very eager to learn new stuff.

I will be posting some new pictures soon in the gallery with pics of our new house and stuff. We have to move the piano, computer desk, book case and other things like that this weekend. Its the stuff that won’t fit into the Element what its the most trouble especially lately with this rainy weather. Crystal got sick and has had a cold which has made her really tired. We need to relax soon. I have been under a lot of stress lately. We both have.

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