Settling In

This weekend was busy. We spent Friday night, Saturday and Sunday moving. Comparing this to yanking a bandaid off a harry forarm, it seems the analogy holds true. ;) Yes, moving in one giant U-Haul trip would be easy in the long run. We are taking time to sift through boxes and move one room at a time. This way, we figure we will be able to more easily downsize. Its quickly becoming a cozy existance. I am not sure where to place the small beer fridge.

Dane has left for South Korea and it cuases some reflection. Some great posts about his journey are always at his blog. I like the recent picture of the Bellingham area.

There is a young kitty that lives under our house. Now that I mention that, it seems like many strays or outdoor cats run the town. I don’t want another mummified cat under my house like Moses. Yes, we named the mummified cat. He never quite saw the promised land as he decayed under some Bremerton home.

Its fairly quiet at the new home. I am surprised by this, I guess. I was worried about a lot of noise and city type stuff. Except for the occasional car that drives down our street, its silent. I think I will post some pictures once we get more settled in of our new place.

School is going okay. I didn’t practice this weekend and it stresses me out. I have my lesson tomorrow and can honestly say I need to practice tonight. I will at the college for a couple hours. I also need to re-re-replace the thermostat in the living room. The new one comes on and satys on at 80 because all the wiring is smashing the regulator inside. The previous one was broken when we bought it and the original was 40 or so years old and highly inefficient. It would stay on all the time and fluctuate.

Oh and since I am moving and all, we have no Internet at the new place and we aren’t at the new place so I am kind of going through technology withdrawls.

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