Party 2006

For one last time (for the forseeable future) the 4 of us got together and had a wonderful time enjoying libations and discussing measurments of mass like slug and angstrom. Good time, seriously, good time. I have put up a new gallery with pictures from Josh’s camera. Also, you must see a video clip of the party taken by my camera. It’s a 90 Meg download worth every second of the wait. So silly.

Oh, and there have been some interesting articles on Slash and elsewhere lately. AMD gobbling up more of the market share in CPUs, Feds are up to reviving the anti-porn law requesting Google search records, South Korea is developing robot police/troops to assist in patroling and combat, and the Dutch have created a modern electronic type prison where everything is monitored with wristbands.

And on CNN the headline reads: “A new audiotape purported to be from Osama bin Laden warns that plans for attacks in the United States are under way. The message also offered a truce. “It is obvious now that Bush has been misleading the people. It is better for you not to fight the Muslims on their territory and we offer a long-term truce.”

Commentary? AMD: Great that AMD is finally getting more of the market share. It will help even the playing field. AMD and Intel have been great rivals in that these two are obviously in a head-to-head competition. It has created a push for innovation. I personally don’t care for Intel, especially after reading about their tactics to misread non-Intel processors during compiling of certain machine code. Search Records: The Federal government is yet again trying to create an oppurtunity to create more laws and control over what can and can’t be done over the Internet. And really, you can’t just view it as children viewing porn regulation. Its creating an oppurtunity to monitor every Internet users activities. Think long term. Why does the government need to regulate this stuff? Why aren’t parents doing things to prevent this? Why is the government using children and emotions to play on peoples’ fears to get stupid laws passed? Robots: Sure, having machines do the “dirty” work is all well and good but when you replace men and women with feelings, thoughts, morals and ethics with steel, you are effectively ensuring that nothing can stop a regime’s desires. Hopefully, these will remain field operated units but with emerging technology, a robot army at a tyranical government’s fingertips is all too tempting. Prison: I have always enjoyed the Dutch and their free form of social contract regarding marijuana and sex. I am slightly dissapointed in this strange wrist band approach to prison. Its like tagging cattle at a ranch or tattooing concentration camp residents. What’s next? Testing? Shit, reminds me of the movies Fortress or Deadlock. Headline: OMG, they are offering a truce. Take it! Man, a chance to leave that mess in Iraq and the Middle East as a whole and stop this quagmire. No one wins in war. Swallow that pride Mr. Bush. They don’t want our form of government in their countries. We don’t want our sons and daughters dieing for you and your goonies. Instead, let’s spend those billions on bringing our country out of the mess its in in terms of poverty, education, and other domestic issues. Let’s use diplomacy, not our troops. Stop feeding us lies.

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