Homeowner’s Delight?

Okay, so like we signed paperwork and the sale was copleted today when the notary submitted the sale to the county. We are officially homeowners now. Not much fanfare and against some pretty common negativity, we celebrated and went to Lowes looking at cool stuff for the house. It was a lot of paperwork to sign but we are happy with this move. I will be updating the gallery with pictures as time goes on. Which reminds me, I fixed the gallery all together. The bridge pictures are still a little confusing but no more errors should show. I fixed the ‘Animals’ gallery and added a ‘Trip to Falls’ gallery.

We are preparing to move but before we do there are some things we both want done. I think cleaning the house, particularily the carpets; and painting are high on our list. After that is bulding a fence in the back yard so our dog Songa doesn’t run around the block. We also need to get a stack washer and dryer. There is work to be done and I am okay with that.

Crystal continues to feel strange feelings every day. Her belly looks seriously prego. Its adorable. I admit I haven’t been as active in the process since its been so wild with work, school, and buying a house but I will double my efforts. Shopping for insurance has been a bitch too.

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