Buying Houses, Going to School

Winter Quarter has begun and I was able to register for classes. If everything works out I will be taking:

Math 120
CS 120
Piano Lessons

A full load, yes, but I am so happy to be taking something a little different from a pure academic class.

Our ferret Mulder has died. It is pretty sad. This actually happened a while ago but has taken me some time to write about. The poor fella probably got too cold this winter.

We should be closing on our house deal today or tomorrow. Today is the first day of class for me, so I am not sure how juggling the schedule for the day will work out, but I am looking forward to both.

I would like to visit you guys in Bellingham soon. Its kind of rough with moving and school and stuff. Hopefully something will make its way soon.

Crystal is feeling little patters on her belly. I think we have a dancing baby! Its precious.

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