Who Rules Citizens?

GOP leaders told Bush that his hard core push to renew the more onerous provisions of the act could further alienate conservatives still mad at the President from his botched attempt to nominate White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

?I don?t give a goddamn,? Bush retorted. ?I?m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.?

?Mr. President,? one aide in the meeting said. ?There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.?

?Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,? Bush screamed back. ?It?s just a goddamned piece of paper!?

And please, for the love of all things sacred, don’t start telling me Kerry would be any better. Republican, Democrat, Republ-crat… they are all the same. Generation after generation of terrible leadership leading the citizens of this nation to complete government control. Their methods or paths are different but the finish line is the same: A country where the government dictates everything. The will of the few is imposed upon all. Our population isn’t interested in discussing matters that affect freedoms as long as the sheeple feel safe. Remember, the government is supposed to serve you not the other way around. Seeing the sheep herded out of a plane with their hands over their heads after US Gestapo agents killed a man who claimed he had a bomb is terrifying. People talk about the Constitution and Bill of Rights like some sort of bygone era of lofty idealism which scholars discuss around in a parlor sipping tea and eating crumpets. We need to educate ourselves, everyone around us and our children principles of liberty. Allowing “them” to call it a living document and thus allowing themselves to change it to suite their needs for better control is unacceptable. Did you know that “The names and license plate numbers of about 30 people who protested three years ago in Colorado Springs were put into FBI domestic-terrorism files, the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Colorado said Thursday.” according to the Colorado Srpings Gazette? Isn’t that insane? Is gathering in peaceful protest a domestic-terrorism issue? Did you know that the Patriot Act has been used countless times in non-terrorism cases but perhaps a couple of actual real terror incidents? Because some fools flew a plane into a building (heheh, now this is tricky because there are reports that the buildings were laced with explosives including the 3rd building, to ensure they fell but this is diving into conspiracism which often times can discredit anything someone says but it needs to be examined) we are all subjected to insane laws of search and seizure based on fear? Isn’t fear amazing? Startle someone or cause fear and it is amazing what they will do or suggest what can be done. Life happens and some mother’s child is killed in a car accident and suddenly you have an emotionally driven crusade to rampage civil liberties. Ask anyone this: Knowing only whether the parents own guns or that they own a pool, which family’s home would you let your children visit? The gun owner’s or the pool owner’s?

Most people answer the pool owner’s because of the illogical socia-political media brainwashing occurring in our world against self defense and individual rights to bear arms. But in reality, 100 children die a year from accidental gun discharges at a home a year compared to 1000 that die a year in pool accidents or drowning. Oh and children are 0 to 14, not the typically and grossly inflated numbers that include 18 year old “child” gang bangers shooting each other in the suburbs of Chicago. Read it here. (Thanks Dennis for the example!)

The government does whatever it needs to protect itself and responds to pressure. The problem is that no one is applying pressure because since the 60′s rights movements, everyone has more or less been content. It will continue to secure and consolidate its power with ever more intrusive and empowering laws until there is a Civil/2nd Revolutionary War or the citizens of this world subjecate themselves to a global hegemony/dicatorship.

So who rules citizens? Shouldn’t we be ruling ourselves?

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