Sweet Sweet Respite

Man I have needed some time off for a while. Thanks Giving was way too short. 4 days of doing nothing. I could shed a tear. Anyway, we are staying down here in Auburn until Sunday morning. This year’s Christmas (Optionmas for some of us) is more full of family and good feeling than previous years. Sure, I might not have the money to splurge in an all out attempt to fund a wealthy executive’s bonus check, but at this stage, I don’t care about that stuff I think. Just want some good times.

Anyway, everyone Merry Christmas. I wish it were snowing. Aww shit, I guess the usual Washington hum drum rain is what we are stuck with. Oh, and FYI, we will probably close on the 30th of December. We need to coordinate with J, H, JC, J, D, etc… (man tht’s a lot of one letter abbreviations… wait a second… I HAVE FRIENDS!) lol… anyway… Yeah, if I don’t hear from anyone I will spend New Year’s ripping carpet out of our new house so someone, for the love of anything, call or mail or blog me with plans. I need a drink.

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