Jerk Co-Workers

You know, I am a pretty easy going guy. I do my work, I try to be on time and work my 40 hours, and I am eager to learn new stuff, etc, etc. I actually love my job. I think I get along with most people at work whether I agree with some, most, or none of them. Now in my department I think everyone is cool but this one guy that started working here recently. Our sub-division of this department has 3 members. Our boss, me and this newer guy. When we hire people for this sub-division, we envision someone that asks a lot of questions, is easy going, friendly, funny, and attentive to detail. Those were the criteria we had when my boss and I interveiwed several candidates for this position.

The final choice was an older man who seemed to fit all those criteria. He even trumpeted experience writing some code for HP a decade or so. A few months later, we find that interviews and reality are two separate things. The guy comes to work and all but is not funny, doesn’t ask as many questions as we had hoped, is very slow both in the wit and productivity, and today added another peice of wood to the giant burning pyre of hate: a direct insult.

Of course I don’t have any hidden connotations to my interactions with him. I am secure in myself and those around me. Today when a person came from another department I was eager to help. It turns out that my boss wants to speak with them personally but I did not know that at the time. I simply was trying to be helpful. Instead of telling me directly that our boss wanted to handle it, there is this smug, almost as if he is threatened by my willingness to do things for my boss or something, attitude. He should feel threatened because he is underperforming and does not fit the dynamic of the office.

Of course, I retract from helping this person and move on. I have to interpret his strange way of explaining the situation and he then makes the boldest move such an undesireable animal can make. A direct insult. He calls me cantankerous. He laughs and tells me to look it up but I am not amused. As you can see, the definition is very negative. Apparently I was being ill-tempered for attempting to help a co-worker from another department. I guess I’ve just had it. This guy comes in, doesn’t talk to anyone and when he does I am not sure its about things that even relate to anything we care or think about, has a terrible sense of humur, completely introverted, and has snide comments everytime anyone else isn’t his prefered “ho hum I wake up after 2 gallons of coffe when leaving work” attitude. Gah! I pasted the definition of the transgressive word below:

can?tan?ker?ous Pronunciation Key (kn-tngkr-s)

1. Ill-tempered and quarrelsome; disagreeable: disliked her cantankerous landlord.
2. Difficult to handle: ?had to use liquid helium, which is supercold, costly and cantankerous? (Boston Globe).

I had to rant. Sometimes people drive you up a wall and you just have to share it.

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