It’s Over!

Finals are over. I took two on Tuesday and one yesterday. I made missed one problem in math on the final:

Find the inverse of: f(x) = (-3x – 4)/(x-2) which as some of you may know is very easy if you remember how to do the damn problem! Anyway, rewrite it x = (-3y – 4)/(y-2) and then solve for y. I have always had a hard time with factoring.

  1. x(y-2) = -3y – 4
  2. xy – 2x = -3y – 4
  3. xy + 3y = 2x – 4
  4. y(x + 3) = 2x – 4 This is where I failed to remember.
  5. Inverse: y = (2x – 4)/(x + 3)

Of course, then I needed to show or verify it etc etc.

My Computer Science class was okay. I didn’t have to BS too much and the history final is the only one I am a little worried about. I feel my explanation of cometetivness in Ancient Greece was satisfactory but whether the destruction of Rome can be contributed to Caesar or to an evolving politcal system implanted after the overthrow of Estruscan rule was a little shaky. I know the history but the specifics like dates, names and places were shady.

We had an inspection done to the house we are interested in. It went well and although there are no “Oh my god, run away!” problems we will go over it tonight and see if we should counter offer with repairs or not.

Oh, and for those of you in need of a great laugh: Click Here and yes, its work safe and all that. :)

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