Holiday Stress

Okay, so out of my 4 day holiday, I got one solid day of rest. That was yesterday. Friday we spent driving around to family and getting ready for the big day, Saturday we cooked and ate then drove to my folks where we ate some more. Sunday I was damn tired. We got home about 1 in the morning and we had to get up aroudn 6 to go to her dad’s place. I fell down the stairs because I missed a step. I am still feeling the aches in my back and legs. What a way to start Christmas day.

After her dad’s we came home and I cooked a giant thing of spaghetti sauce and noodles. Crystal made a salad. It was good food. The garlic bread was very tastey. I took margerine and mashed fresh garlic, salt, and spicies and then spread it over some french bread. After I topped it with some mozerella, baked for 10 minutes.

The weekend seemed pretty straight forward. Sunday we had a slight complication in that my wife’s brother wanted to bring along his “fuck buddy” to our family Christmas get together. I have no problems having new people come to family events on holidays but with the amount of abuse he puts his mom and sister through, I have a hard time trusting him or anyone he brings to my home. The girl may have been nice but he just dumped her to sleep with someone else and when they decided not to do it with him, he got back together with her. Its more twisted than I am explaining here. The biggest reason I had for denial was the fact that when her brother gets people around him that he feels he needs to show off to, he becomes empowered and starts saying stuff and acting inappropriate. This way, he drank himself to sleep and the night went smoothly.

Gift wise I scored some cash, Madonna’s new album “Hung Up” (which is actually good [if you like techno]), a T-shirt, and some kitchen knives. Nothing extraordinary, but whatever. The cash all went to groceries, bills, and gas for the car. Crystal got a baby pillow. I couldn’t afford to get my wife anything. I don’t know, I feel like things are getting harder and harder. Less and less money for us to spend on one another. Maybe I need a better paying job, I don’t know. When I hear about people getting stuff like Walther P22 pistols, PSPs, and such; it kind of makes me feel a little sad.

Looks like the loan is getting closer to getting approved. We’ll see what happens. We were trying to close before the New Year but it looks like we will be closing January 6th.

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