Emotionalism Versus Experience

What is emotionalism? What is experience? When we encounter certain things in our life, we become more an more experienced. Our emotions change as our experiences change. So my question is this: Had I personally experienced a war on the front lines seeing people I loved and bonded to around me die, get maimed or lose their minds or losing my beloved wife in the World Trade Center bombings of 2002; how would my opinions or emotions change regarding things in regards to war, domestic and international policies or politics, idealism and the reality around me?

Let’s call the above question “the catalyst” for change. Some people may change and some may not. Honestly, there are some recent social situations in my life that I have encountered that foster this need to self examine. I need to find out if I would change. Are my lofty idealistic rants that I have expounded throughout this blog and various other writings and discussions I have had na?ve? Should I have gone through loss such as decribed in the catalyst, would I suddenly not care about the Constitution, liberty, sovereignty, and checks on the government? People are opinionated left and right. I am one of those people and by no means do I claim to have the correct mindset and knowledge of things.

I think what caused this sudden need to self examine is that there are many people that misinterpret each other. I encountered two separate opinions today. One was that there is a bully and we need to all band together and kick his ass. Since kicking his ass is against the rules, we need to break the rules. This is the sort of mentality some people seem to have when it comes to the threat of terrorism. It seems to completely disregard the cause of this bully to be so aggressive against America. Why are so many Muslims so eager to maintain this “holy war” or jihad against the West? Our media seems to portray whatever is popular at the moment. I think that the media tries to steer values and popular opinion in certain paths especially when it comes to firearms ownership but when it comes to a war on terrorism, I think its a little unsure. Had the catalyst occured to me, would I jump onto the band wagon and dump all hinderences to passing things like the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism [Sheesh, another name play game, read more info here])? Would I be enthusiastic about bombing Middle-Eastern countries? Would fear dominate my will and thus forever be seeking security established by a power which can impose my will upon many?

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