Buying Houses

Buying houses sucks. Its so stressful. I haven’t been able to sleep and have had a nervous, nausea feeling ever since we put an offer onto a house. Its quite nice for a house in the area and its listed as $143,500. Its a bit of money but the construction seems solid. There were other houses but one, for example, looked fine from the outside but once you got inside it was a total dump. The main load bearing beam that supported the second story was sagging. So other than the obvious structural problems the whole house was just weird. There were a couple other candidates but they were on crazy busy streets or there was so much work that needed to be done we wouldn’t be able to get it done.

This house is on 6th Street in Bremerton. Its got a gas furnace downstairs. The basement is semi finished with washer and dryer hookups. Its very clean. The upstairs has a lot of original 1920′s wood elements which we enjoy. The hardwood floors, brass air vents and 10 foot tall ceilings are a treat! I think the type of restoration work needed at this place would be manageable for a couple in our position. I think the biggest drawback is the garage and tight alley but those are two things i am willing to live with. Anyway, we put in an offer which seemed strong. Our friend Nathan was there to sort of be my conscious so I don’t do anything stupid. It was a lot of paper work. And guess what, another couple happens to be looking at it and we are now in sort of a mini bidding war. I am tempted to ask my parents to help us out.

Ach so… on top of all this, I have 2 finals tomorrow and 1 on Wednesday!

Update: I got onto MSN web messenger at school interrupting my reading only to find out we were outbid. Such bullshit. Anyway… Buying a house is so stressful.

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