Office Space II

Taken from the Holy Server Developer’s Bible, here is Macabre Chapter 4 verses 15 through 17.

15 And the CTO, being one of all that is wise and true, said to the people “You will upgrade your servers to meet PCI standards by Friday with no exceptions” and the people trembled and it was good.
16 And the upgrade screwed up the rebiller and the charger and all that encrypts and decrypts because the old patchwork of code do not work on the updated system.
17 And thus, the people were frightened as revenue dropped 80%.

That’s the exciting news from where I work. I have had a stable connection at home now since I removed my wireless NIC from my desktop. My laptop and the desktop have been running smoothly.

I have edited my “Links” page a bit but I am realizing that although my favorite music is techno (and many of its sub genres), I don’t really know many artists. I know DJs that mix up what I like well but really, the music is more of a collage of mixes and DJs. So I am trying to think of how to format my links page to reflect that. I also find a few industrial groups I really enjoy too.

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