ROFL at the expense of VW

Perhaps this is common knowledge and everyone already knows about this but here is a funny ad that has created a lot of mixed reactions.

“The spot begins with a motorist leaving his house and hopping into his Volkswagen Polo. It’s a motorist with a distinctly Middle Eastern appearance who sports a black-and-white checkered kaffiyeh like the one commonly associated in the public mind with the late Palestinian chairman Yasser Arafat (and thus, by extension, with terrorists and suicide bombers).”

“After a short jaunt, the driver pulls up in front of a busy restaurant with curbside seating (as women holding babies, talking on cellphones, and just strolling down the street flash by in the background), pulls out a detonator, and depresses the button. Rather than causing widespread death and destruction, however, the muffled blast is completely contained by the car, leading to the end slogan: ‘Polo. Small but tough.’”

The full story can be found here.

I laughed my ass off for a solid half hour.

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