Post Thanksgiving Reccuperation

Well its over and the day after is winding down. The food was all right but I mostly enjoyed hanging out with my extended family. My sister never called me back from over the holiday which really disturbs me. We had made plans that she would come join us for dinner but she never called or showed. It’s okay that she decided to change her plans but it makes me sad she didn’t bother calling. Ah whatever, she’s a big girl now, right? Am I being too protective? I don’t think so. I think she probably did something she knows I wouldn’t really approve of and now she’s avoiding me. And hey, what good brother would approve of some of the things she does.

We found some nice houses for sale in the Bremerton area. Its too bad that all the nice houses are all very expensive. We found a nice looking house for about $139,000 but I am weary because the agent neglected to post any picture of it on the real estate website. I can’t wait to get home tonight. I need to sleep in my own bed. Some beds kill my back. Oh and I finally bought some new shoes. It’s been what, 2 years since my last pair. I went with Ugs which are quite possibly the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. Another interesting devlopment is that my shoe size has increased to size 14. I am not sure if its hormonal with the approaching birth of a child or what but it amazes me. I used to wear sizes from 12 to 13 depending on the manufacturer. Now I am 14 to 15. :crazy:

Well, you know what they say about a man’s foot size.

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