I’m Lovin’ You

Sexy Teacher

Okay, if this attractive teacher is hot for 14 year olds, then perhaps she’s desperate for some lovin’? Hey Ms. Lafave, if you want some legal sex without breaking a bunch of laws, get a hold of me. Read the story here.

The fire is out and the house grows cold again. We’re looking at houses some more. I hope we can find something. I think living in Belfair we realize that the commute makes a huge difference in our quality of life. Also, I now think it is possible to have a home too large. I am dreading tomorrow and the whole Thanksgiving thing. My parents are in Cairo for a couple weeks so I will have to go visit my wife’s family and that’s always an adventure. Sometimes I want to take the day off and relax. The mad rush for the X-Box 360 is over and although I can’t say I didn’t want one, I am going to wait until some of the bugs are worked out. Examples are here, here and here. I have also submitted a couple new reviews to the reviews section.

Oh my, this is interesting. Even intriguing. LOL!

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