Hungarian Food

Hungarian food is great. It’s amazing. I suddenly realized that Hungary has had a HUGE impact on Czech cuisine. The Czech people have always had strong relations with their South Eastern neighbors up until the forming of the Czechoslovak state in 1918. Anyway, its amazing that I made the connection because now I can find all my favorite foods by searching for it slightly differently. I found a great shop online at Otto’s from California. Téli salami, smoked pork loin, and blood sausage. Ah the happiness. I have been driving to Federal Way to a place our family calls “The Russians” and although they carry great bread and this fabled salami, they lack the blood sausage.

I am nervous about these presentations. I have one this Thursday for the computer class and one in two weeks which I haven’t even started yet. :| Its stressful. My math is going well in that I am scoring well on assignments but my classmates all seem to dislike the teacher. Apparently the teacher is only doing the job until her real passion, research, become available and she can start what she really wants. I didn’t feel this and I have adapted to the quirky East Asian accent and vocabulary well.

The house grows cold again. The fire burned too fast last time and we weren’t home in time for us to restock the fire. I don’t have the time to rebuild one but with it starting to frost, I might have to make time. I have played a lot of Navy Field lately but I have re-activated my EQ2 account. Yes, I did the unimaginable. It’s actually been updated quite a bit. I am looking forward to exploring. I am weary of it becoming a grind like so many other MMOs. Its a typical problem with all of them for me. I miss FFXI, actually, but I think their community is shrinking.

Crystal and I are looking at land We want to eventually build a house. I am not sure how school at UW and working full time will work out but I am sure it will.

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